About Us

Our Story

Echo Fragrances was founded in Melbourne as a replica perfume & cologne brand that specialises in high quality, affordable fragrances.

All our perfumes & colognes are hand made with love in Australia to bring you the best replica scents on the market. Founded to close the gap between expensive perfumes & colognes and the consumer, we believe everyone should be able to indulge in their favourite scent.

All of our fragrances are full strength (Parfums 45-50%), instead of most designer brands offering weaker fragrances (Eau De Toilette 5-15%, or Eau De Parfum 15-20%). Our oil based perfumes last up to 16 hours & have been formulated to bring you the broadest range of high end fragrances at a fraction of the cost. 

Our Founder, Steve, discovered this gap in the market as he believed there had to be a better way to enjoy your favourite fragrance without having to buy products that are marked up significantly only because of a fancy designer brand logo or high marketing costs.

At Echo Fragrances, we’ve cut these costs out & focus on simply offering the best quality fragrance at an affordable cost.