Inspired By Oud Wood


Top Notes
Rosewood, Cardamom & Chinese Pepper.

Middle Notes
Agarwood (Oud), Sandlewood & Vetiver.

Base Notes
Tonka Bean, Amber & Vanilla.

Inspired by Oud Wood by Tom Ford

This Product is a replica, and should in no way be mistaken for any product made or owned by Tom Ford.

Product size: 50ml


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Inspired By Aventus
Daniel Cusick
Pleasantly Surprised

I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered my first fragrances from Echo. I have been pleasantly surprised by Inspired by Aventus. The scent is extremely pleasing with lasting notes. Overall, very good. No problems also with ordering and free delivery with regular updates on delivery status. Overall, very good.

Not long lasting

The perfume smells decent but fades away in 10-15 minutes. I had better expectations reading that they put more perfume concentrate than others.

Inspired By Aventus
Darren Bond
It does smell nice

Smells nice, not at all like Aventus but does have some similarity , issue I had was it didn't last long on my skin and was more of a personal scent . Customer service was good.

Oud Wood

Smells exactly the same as the real deal. I was skeptical at first, but the items arrived on time and are of great quality. The scent lasts a long time and have had many compliments.

Accuracy - Tobacco Vanille

Smells exactly the same as the real deal. I was skeptical at first, but the items arrived on time and are of great quality. The scent lasts a long time and have had many compliments.

Smells nice but doesn't project

It smells nice and does not make people with sensitive noses sneeze. But it does not project so only you and some within 10 cm of you can smell so can be classed as intimate scent

Excellent. Lasts all day. *****

I love the scent

comparable to the original..last all day for me.

my fav so far.. fresh and similar to the original.

It was a great gift to my closed friend.. They loving it.. I will surely buy so more

The perfume % is very high quality. You don't need to use much. I put it on one morning and woke up the next morning and could still smell it. Amazing.

I have smelled the original Hypnotic Poison and although this one seems slighly less sweet and more heavy on the plum flavour than the original, it also lasts 8-12 hours on the skin rather than barely 1 hour like the original. I constantly get compliments on how I smell and people asking where I got my perfume. I've been wearing this almost daily for 10 months and I can't get enough of it!

I've smelled the original Saucage (although I have not compared them side by side) and this one seems a bit less spiced smelling than the original, but still a really amazing dupe.
Both myself and my partner who I got it for love it so much! He constantly gets compliments when he wears it, and it lasts so long. This is the 4th fragrance I have bought from Echo Fragrances and I am very impressed. I will definitely purchase more!

Love spicy, woody and citrus perfumes and this fits the bill. As I wear scent every day, the price range is a welcome added bonus. You now have a repeat customer. Would happily recommend.

Smells great but not sure I really like it. Has a nice smell and it was great to try a new fragrance.

This is the second time I've bought this perfume. Smells great.

Inspired By Opium
Michael H.

A beautiful fragrance that replicates the original very well. Recommended.

Amazing fragrance as close to the real thing as you can get at a fraction of the price. Wears well, lasting scent.

I like it, but… as a Hypnotic Poison wearer for nearly 3 decades, is it the same? Similar but not quite there. Given it is based on the EDT, and this is a parfum, maybe something gets lost in composition from EDT to EDP. Albeit it is a nice fragrance and I did order an extra 2 bottles to wear as my everyday perfume. The cost of Hypnotic has ridiculously gone through the roof, so this is a very good substitute. I just have to remember to dab rather than spray as it is very strong and does last all day. Ordering to delivery has been great, their service is excellent and I even got some samples of other fragrances with my second order… lovely. I was even cheeky enough to ask for a Hypnotic sample for my handbag, and I offered to buy. They are on their way. Very happy I accidentally came across this website and will order again, maybe next time try something different.

Inspired By Chance
Angelica T.

It’s a beautiful and long lasting perfume . I love it ❤️❤️

Really happy with the price and the product. Will definitely buy from here again.

Beautiful scent. Very feminine. True to the original. I love it, and I will continue to purchase. Thank you! Extremely happy customer.

Sensational, true to scent. Hypnotic Poison is my favourite perfume. I usually spend $299.00 on the original. But not anymore. In fact this has more staying power. Love it, converted. Will be continuing to purchase. Thank you! Extremely happy customer.

Love this scent